Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Something has happened

To my brain.

The June SSP socks continue apace, I have high hopes for getting them done by the end of the month. We'll see what happens when I get to the twisted 1x1 ribbing for the heel though - that may slow me down considerably. I'm well into the leg of the second sock, even though the first one hasn't had its toe kitchenered shut yet - as you can see, I've included both socks in the shot there, so no one can accuse me of deceit in which I post a photo of the first sock and claim it is the second. Everything's on the up and up over here.

Amiga also continues, and I would like to have it done this week, to block and have its buttons added next week, but we shall see. It has part of a sleeve. Were I knitting the sleeves to the pattern specs, I'd be nearly done that sleeve, but I've got enough yarn to lengthen them to full sleeves, so that's what I'm doing. No shaping - I like roomy sleeves at the cuff, so I figure plugging along straight will give me the desired effect. No picture, mostly because the sweater is not in the room with me right now. Maybe tomorrow or the next day.

That being said, I've got socks on the brain. I can't stop thinking about one-row stripes, of the sort Grumperina discusses here. I saw that post, and I wanted to try, but my sock yarn remnant collection was too poor - the colours didn't contrast enough. Now, though? Now I've knitted far more socks, and the colour variety has expanded considerably, and I want to try it again.

Hm. This needs another picture. I've picked out my candidates for stripy sock attempt #1. I'll give them a photo shoot tomorrow or the next day. I'm thinking these will be my July SSP socks.

I've been also having some other new sock thoughts - very new to me. I've sat down and tried my hand at some rough charting. I'll have to swatch to see if my chart gets me what I actually want. And then this afternoon, I had another idea that will need charting and swatching to see if I can create what I'm seeing in my mind's eye.

More to come. Soon, I hope.

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