Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Roundup on a Tuesday

This morning, I sat down, knit a few rounds on the second June sock, and then turned the heel:

Though I suppose it's not super obvious from that shot there that the heel has been turned. I was thrilled to start the heel turn, though, because it meant a reprieve from 1x1 twisted rib without having to abandon the sock for something else. I'll finish up the remainder of the heel today, and I might at that point be able to keep going down the foot without feeling the need for a break.

Which is good, because the Amiga cardigan came off the needles on Sunday, and went for a bath yesterday. I may get to sewing on the buttons today, which will mean a k'done post tomorrow. But the circle of (knit) life is ever constantly turning, which means that when Amiga came off the needles, I cast on this:

That there is an Asymmetrical Cabled Cardi (by Yahaira Ferreira), knit in Dream in Color Classy for my sister. She saw mine and pretty promptly requested her own, and then went and bought the yarn for it. Well. She chose the color, I included it in a larger order from Eat.Sleep.Knit, and then she reimbursed me for it. I actually started this sweater months ago, but had to rip it into oblivion when I discovered on the yoke decreases that I'd misplaced the right side marker, so the side decreases weren't in the right spot, the right front was too short, and the right armhole was too far forward. This is the beginning of round two, and I've counted and the markers are in the right spot this time, so we should be good to just fly along here.

I also have this waiting in the wings:

These are some leftovers from previous socks - those of you who've been paying attention may recognize them - that I will be turning into some Helical Stripe Socks (by Grumperina). I'll be working toe up, because I'm worried about yardage. There's about 20 g of each colour except for the red, which has only 15 g. Eep. The dark brown will be used for the toes, heels, and ribbings, and the other four colours will be the striping. We shall see what we shall see.

Lots of fun planned for the next little while. Real work doesn't stand a chance.

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