Friday, June 24, 2011

Just get'er done

The second sock of the June SSP socks are now ready for the heel flap.

Actually, yesterday I got through the heel chart, so really they're into the twisted 1x1 rib portion of the heel flap, and I'm working through the top of foot chart as well - I'm working the gusset in the round, so I continue the front of the sock while working the heel flap. This method lets me skip picking up stitches.

Today, though, I think I will take a break from the sock and focus on Amiga instead.

The left sleeve was cast off last night, and only the right sleeve remains. Then it'll go for a wash, have some ends woven in and the underarm seams tidied, and the buttons attached, then I'll be able to wear it! I'm hoping I can get the knitting finished up over the weekend. To be perfectly honest, I'd like to finish off that right sleeve today, but the realistic part of my brain is skeptical - I've lengthened the sleeves, to better use up the available yarn, so that there means knitting 18" worth using Magic Loop, which, while not frustrating using a needle with a nicely flexible cable, like these Knit Picks Options here, is slower for me than flat knitting and knitting in the round using DPNs. I think some sweater-appropriate DPNs are going on my birthday wishlist this year.

But then again, I did have them on my Christmas wishlist last year too, and no one in my family thought that that would be a good gift, so I didn't get any. I may have to just buy them for myself some day.

Some day when Canada Post isn't on strike, and mail flows freely in this country, that is.

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