Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well. I've turned the heel and gotten down to the foot of the June SSP socks, and?

Wow moly, that's a lot of twisted 1x1 rib. I'm not even done the first sock, and I'm ready for a break from all that ribbing. I'm even thinking ahead to the July socks, and sifting through patterns on Ravelry looking specifically for socks that don't have ribbing save for the bit of ribbing at the top of the cuff. I think I may have found a couple of likely candidates, just a question of picking one, matching it with yarn, and getting things ready.

You know. For when these neverending twisted 1x1 rib socks are completed. Though I did cast on for the second yesterday while waiting at the doctor's office - just a follow-up visit, nothing to worry about, for you nervous types out there. I didn't wait very long, though, so all I got done was the cast on and a couple of rounds of twisted 1x1 rib.

To be fair, I did enjoy the patterning on the leg, and had the heel not been in the blasted twisted ribbing, I think I'd be happier to zoom through the rest of the sock. But I'd like a small break, please.

Perhaps, though, that's because I'm being lured away from the sock by this.

That bit of lovely there is the beginning of an Amiga cardigan. Notice that it is pictured in my lap, and not placed on an ottoman? It is the anti-twisted 1x1 ribbing with its plain stockinette. I did the split for the sleeves last night, and thought myself a clever cookie by casting those extra underarm stitches using a cable cast on, but now that I'm a few rows past the split, I'm thinking that was a mistake, and I should just do the backwards loop cast on the designer told me to. I'll strategically drop and repair. I hope it works.

Though even if it fails and I have to rip out, I'm pretty sure I'm okay with that.

Because it's not twisted 1x1 rib.

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