Thursday, November 11, 2010

K'done: Air Raid Socks

The top-down sockathon continues.

Pattern: Air Raid Socks, by Emily B. Miller
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy, in November Muse
Needles: 2.25 mm / US 1

Yes, those are monkey jamama pants you see in that photo. What can I say, I wasn't dressed yet when I snapped these.

I wanted to try out knitting socks on 2.25 mm needles, to see if the denser fabric had any effect on the longevity of the sock. Over the summer, I tried a couple of others, but as it turns out, 60 stitches runs a bit smaller than I'd like on this size needle - I have one sock that I haven't knit the mate for because I suspect it needs a rip and redo. I tried again with a 64 stitch sock, but the stitch pattern wasn't very stretchy, and this time I ended up with a sock that wouldn't even go over my heel - that has since been ripped. This pattern, though, is written over 64 stitches, and looking at it I could see no reason why the fabric would be unstretchy, so I went for it.

And lo, they fit! Quite well - we shall see how the longevity works out.

I did an eye of partridge heel flap, but knit the flap in the round with the purled gussets - no picking up stitches for me. Some might point out that an eye of partridge heel flap will be sturdier than a short row heel anyway, but that's not going to affect this longevity test, because I walk through my socks on the bottom of the heel first - where the stitches are simple stockinette, regardless of whether you do a reinforced heel stitch for the heel flap or not.

Still. I like these a lot. Jeny Staiman's stretchy cast-on method and this no-picking-up-for-the-gussets thing have completely removed all doubts I had about knitting socks from the top down.

Now the question is, which technique do I prefer?

Hmmm, the inquiring mind wants to know. I better get knitting so I can determine the answer.

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