Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Knit to knit

What's this?

Well, this is a sock. Technically two.

See, what happened is I knit the right sock of a pair of Skew socks. Only, I flubbed up measuring from the toe for the length of the foot - probably started measuring from the wrong corner - and ended up with a sock that was entirely too long. By entirely, I had nearly an inch of extra room. But, I didn't rip back to try and take out that extra length once I'd started up the leg after the heel, because I wasn't sure how the sock would really fit once it was off the needles - I wanted to wait until I had bound off the cuff before kitchenering the heel closed, because an insane part of me was really worried about running out of yarn. I totally didn't, by the way, but it doesn't matter, because at the end I had a sock that wouldn't fit me.

I decided to treat the socks as a learning experience, and make some adjustments in knitting the left sock. I did only 14 repeats of the foot increase-decrease rows, and in the end got a sock that fits much better. But I still didn't have a pair.

Since I knew what needed to be done at that point, though, I unpicked my woven in end from the cuff of the right sock, and unraveled the bound off edge, and then cast on again.

I didn't want to frog the whole thing because then I'd have a big pile of crimpy yarn that would have to be re-caked, with high potential for frustrating tangles. So I'm knitting straight from the old, too-long sock to the new, better-fitting sock. It's going pretty well, and the crimpiness of the yarn isn't bothering me in the least - it doesn't seem to be affecting the fabric I'm getting.

Hopefully, I'll finish these soon - I want to wear them!

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