Wednesday, March 10, 2010

K'done: Spring Forward Socks

Boing boing!

Pattern: Spring Forward, by Linda Welch
Yarn: KnitPicks Stroll Sock Yarn, in Auburn
Needles: 2.75 mm / US 2

A nice pattern, though by the end of the second sock I was glad to be moving on to something else. The subtle colour variations of the kettle dyed yarn were also nice for this pattern - no visual competition.

To make an 11-stitch repeat work for a 56-stitch sock, I ended up wanting 5 pattern repeats around with one extra stitch somewhere. To make this work, I centered the pattern motif over the instep for the foot by knitting two stitches in stockinette before beginning the pattern, which meant I would need four stockinette stitches at the end of the instep. After the short row heel, I rearranged the stitches over five needles, which was a bit cumbersome but kept all the increasing and decreasing for the pattern nicely organized. As for that one extra stitch, I slipped it into the pattern repeat at the back - for that repeat, I would do four stitches between the increases and decreases rather than three. All in all, my futzing worked out pretty well, but I must admit to being surprised at how non-stretchy the lace ended up being. I can still get the sock on my foot comfortably, but getting around the heel is closer than I'm accustomed to.

At the end of the day, I'm pretty pleased. It'll be awhile before I consider doing this pattern again though.

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