Friday, January 22, 2010


When my mum taught me to knit, she had me knit garter stitch rectangles - she'd grab some remnant yarn, cast on for me, and I'd just knit knit knit row after row until I ran out of yarn. Then, when I told her I was done, she'd rip it out, and if I asked her to, she'd cast on again and I'd have at it again. It was good practice, but I never developed any sort of appreciation for garter stitch. When she taught me how to do a purl stitch, and showed me that knitting one row then purling the next produced stockinette, I was wowed by how smooth the knit side was, and once I saw that, the nubbly texture of garter stitch seemed just bumpy and ugly.

More recently, I've been seeing pictures of items done up in garter stitch, and while my memory tells me I don't like garter stitch, there is something appealing about the fabric in those images. I thought I'd cast on for a Baktus - you know, scarves are relatively small, it's not as though I'm committing to a giant blanket for experimenting here. I'm now just past the halfway point in the scarf, and?

The fabric is squooshy, making the item seem cuddly and comforting. I can't believe I put off trying it again for this long.

The joys of rediscovery.

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