Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So I was knitting on the plane last night, and just as we were rumbling along towards the runway, I had a klutz attack and dropped one of my ebony Lantern Moon Sox Stix - it clattered off between the window and my seat.

And. I. Could. Not. Find. It.

I peeled back my seat cushion a bit to reveal the space between the window and the seat, but it didn't look like there was anywhere for it to have gone - there was a funny grate thing, but in order for the needle to have gone in there it would have had to bend. So it must have gone onto the floor.

I squiggled around in my seat, trying to look under my seat, trying to see the floorspace behind my seat. It didn't work very well, though I was pretty sure I did not see it on the floor near the window/wall of the airplane. The stranger beside me must have thought I was more than a little screwy, but he kindly offered to keep an eye out for flight attendants while I quickly took off my seat belt and hunkered down on the floor to get a better look, and asked his daughter (behind me) to move her bag a bit and see if she could see a 'little knitting needle'.

I. Could. Not. Find. It.

And I figured I'd better not try for too long, since I didn't want to be out of my seat when the plane actually started accelerating for take off.

I took another quick look before I got off the plane once we had landed again, but saw nothing. It is gone, and that makes me sad.

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