Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I do it for her

For her birthday this year, I presented my sister with two massive skeins of fingering weight yarn, with the promise that I would knit them up into usable items for her. One became a wraparound sweater that still needs to be blocked, but is otherwise done. The other is to become two pairs of socks.

One pair is to be Jaywalkers, and I've already cast on and knit about halfway up the foot - I do socks toe up, no matter what the pattern directions are.

The other pair is, at this point, likely going to come out as Leyburns, unless she decides there is another pattern she would prefer.

Now, her birthday was in May. That means that really, I should prioritize these socks above my own - after all, I just finished off a third pair for me, so my sock panic should be lessened. That and I still have two full months of summer to work on refilling my sock drawer.

Today, though, it occurred to me that instead of working on completing my sister's socks, I should cast on for a new one for me. Why? To test out a new pattern of course! Maybe she'd prefer a pair of Froot Loop socks?

It has nothing to do with the fact that I'm anxious to knit up the Tinsel Toes yarn that arrived Friday. Couldn't be.

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