Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Empty needles

Well. Not entirely empty. I've still got a sweater on the go - the Airy Lace Wrap Sweater from Fitted Knits, which is for my sister in celebration of her birthday last month. She knew she wasn't getting it in time. My original plan had been to wrap up the yarn for her to open up on the actual day, but I got antsy and showed it to her when it arrived back in February or March, and I think I cast on in March. So really, in the end she'll be getting it sooner than if I had stuck with my original plan!

I'm just about to cast off that second Anastasia Sock, though, and I don't have any other second sock demands to attend to. This means that it's time for a new sock!

Now, I do need to knit up a couple pair for my sister - also part of her birthday present. But that yarn still needs winding. I do have some ready-to-go sock yarn all wound up. The problem there is picking a pattern.

It's more of the Fleece Artist Nyoni in Indian Summer, which is what my Leyburns were done in. I'm a bit ambivalent about what I want the other half of the skein to be though. Jaywalkers? Maybe. More Anastasias? I think the yarn will work for the pattern, but it might just be too soon. Plain stockinette? No thanks. Clover Lace? Ehhhhhh. Mistake Rib? Doubtful. Something new? I dunno. I know that there are about a billion sock patterns out there I haven't tried yet, but I'm feeling a bit like a stick in the mud - I want to pick something I've knit before. I'm having trouble visualizing how the yarn will knit up in that pattern though, and I'm not up to knitting a bit, changing my mind, ripping and trying again.

It's funny that this sort of inertia has never been a problem for me in the past - I was quite happy to just pick a pattern I like and pick a yarn I like and see what happens. I don't have any recollection of being dissatisfied with the result either.

I'll likely just end up winding up the yarn for my sister's socks today, and casting on for those, since she's already picked out her patterns. I've got a dentist appointment tomorrow morning - I need some waiting room knitting.

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