Monday, July 17, 2017

TdS 2017: Stage 1, days 1 & 2

A-ha! I bet my silence about this year's TdS led to the conclusion that I wouldn't be participating this year.

It actually was sort of a close call. I taught another Spring session class, and last year I found that interfered with my ability to sockrace, during the first half of the event, so I was thinking of sitting this year out. Then the event got moved - starting on 15 July, as opposed to the 1 June starts of previous years. Well. My class has long since wrapped up, so away we go!

Still, a Saturday start isn't great for me, as always - as documented in the pitiful progress photos. The first handful of speedy pairs were clocking in on Saturday evening, and I had about half a toe. Oh well. I now have the foot and heel of one sock, and am about to start the second, so I can take the required picture of the unusual construction for both socks at once, thus proving that I actually did it as written in the pattern for both socks. I need to take about an hour's break from knitting now to do a bit of tidying in the kitchen, along with a wee bit of exercise, but then I'll be back at it. I hope to have another finished foot and heel by bedtime tonight, and then tomorrow I can bust a move on the legs, and hopefully finish early enough to score some points. (The points scale got rejiggered again, as there are now over 2,000 racers - now I need a top 400 finish to score more than one point per round. I'd really like to do so; I'm knitting from stash this year, so sponsor yarn points are unlikely.)

Ahem. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to get a move on.

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