Sunday, November 15, 2015

Keep moving forward

The sun is shining today, so I snapped a picture of Big Blue:

I've done the armhole decreases, and am just chugging up towards the shoulders. I'm hoping to have a finished back piece in pretty short order, and then move on to the sleeves.

I've also finished my mittens, but they're still damp from yesterday's soaking. I took a picture of them, but I want to give them their own post.

Looking at how much yarn that sweater back has eaten up so far, I'm ever so glad that we did the yarn switch. I have a feeling the back piece is going to take nearly two whole skeins, and yes, it's true that I reverted back to my original plan of knitting the garment for positive ease, and in the end the length went back to where the pattern said it should be - I held it up against my sister's back and asked her how she liked the length, and she fiddled with it a bit, and asked for a little more. I guess she was on board with my previous shortening plan just for the sake of getting a sweater. So all 16" of length from bottom hem to underarm are there.

It's getting to be a pretty big piece, hence the name Big Blue. It is so very blue. Sister is thrilled.

My brain, meanwhile, still wants me to make myself a sweater, and I've pretty well settled on Runcorn. I've even figured out my yarn! The thing is, the gauge listed is 20 sts to 4", which I know I get with 5 mm needles, and while I have a couple of sets of Knit Picks interchangeables kicking about here that I like perfectly well, I would rather use my spiffy Sigs. (I have it in my head that for sweaters, I prefer the Sigs. I have no evidence to support this conclusion.)

You know, the ones currently in Big Blue.

So I guess I'd better hurry it up and finish Big Blue so I can make Runcorn for me.

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