Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Picky picky

Today, I was at work, between classes, catching up on a couple of things, and then I hit a point where I was sort of caught up on the super urgent stuff, but not able to wander off in search of soup for my lunch because I had to stay in my office for another fifteen minutes. I passed the time with a little internet surfing, but I could feel some stirrings that have made themselves known to me getting stronger, making me sort of restless, as if my brain were itchy on the inside.

I realized that I really, really, really wanted to knit something.

Now, I'm pretty sure it would not go over terribly well if I were to take knitting to work. I definitely wouldn't be able to knit in class - I talk with my hands too much, I'd end up just throwing the knitting around a whole bunch - and between prep work and marking, there's not much time left in my office, and it seems like it would just open a great big can of judgment from my colleagues. I keep the door open most of the time I'm in there (to be available for students), and I have this impression that others wouldn't be super pleased to glance in as they go by and see me knitting. Or, they'd think I have so little to do that I am bored, and they might try foisting other projects on me. Please no.

So I leave my yarn and needles at home - I drive to and from work, so no knitting in the car. Maybe once the weather turns too cold and I'm driving the Mister to and from work as well I'll pack a project in my bag, since waiting time is fantastic knitting time. For now, though, I go alone, sans knitting.

Today, though, I'm feeling this growing desperation to KNIT, but there's a problem: I don't want to knit on the things I'm currently knitting.

What is on the go right now? A sweater for me that has a problem I'll tell you about later because it needs pictures to do it justice. A pair of socks for my sister. A sweater for my sister. A stole for the Mister's mother's Christmas gift.

What's wrong with these projects? Other than the sweater with the problem, that is?

For whatever reason, my desperation is for a basic knit - knits, purls, maybe some increases and decreases, but that's it. At this moment, I don't want to execute fancy, clever stitches. I want something plain, or maybe with some knit/purl texture.

The socks for my sister? Cables. The sweater for my sister? Cables. The stole? Well. I'll come back to that one another day. It's another adventure that deserves more detail, but suffice it to say for now that it doesn't seem to scratch this itch.

I've been thinking about plain stockinette socks. I've been thinking about Sun Prairie for my sister, and when I showed her the sample images last night, she liked them, and confirmed that she would like to have a sweater like that, but she sort of had this look about her like Why are you planning out new knits for me when you've got two still in progress? Plus a third that just needs its freaking buttons?

Or maybe I'm projecting a little.

After my second class today, instead of trying to get a little more prep work done before leaving campus, I decided to just hightail it out of there so I could come home and knit my brains out, to get that satisfied feeling of having soothed the brain itch. But starting a new project seems sort of wanton when there are other things around here that would do well with some of my attention.

So I've been sort of mentally flailing around, while knitting nothing. My brain still itches.

I think, perhaps, I will go bake a cake, then clean up the cooking detritus in the kitchen, and then after that, maybe I can get a grip on myself and settle down to knit something.

Edit: I didn't bake the cake. My brother started messaging me and I spent the baking time chatting with him. Oh well.

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