Saturday, June 13, 2015

TdS 2015: stage 2, days 1 & 2

Photobucket wouldn't let me save edits to the photo I snapped yesterday morning for reasons that are unclear to me. Rather than waste time trying to futz about with it to make it work, I just gave up and went back to my sock. Today it's working as it should, so we'll catch up now.

Day 1 saw me produce this:

Quite a bit less than stage 1, no? There are two blindingly obvious reasons for why I'm going more slowly this stage:

1. This is not sport weight yarn. No more 56 st rounds!

2. This is stranded. I, um, have not had much practice with stranded.

Day 2 got me to here:

That doesn't seem like a whole lot more, but that there is a two-colour heel turn and flap, and stranded purling was a new and puzzling experience for me, and also I'm pretty sure I didn't 'lock' my yarns right on the heel flap, because when I push my fingers against the join, little gaps appear - I'll show you later.

I gotta get back to it. I'm hoping to have this first sock done tonight.

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