Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mildly obsessed


I've nearly finished a pullover for me. I'm on the second sleeve, there are a few more inches left, and then I need to use whatever yarn is left to finish off the bottom hem, and then I need to sift through my leftovers to see if I can find something I like to do the edging on the neck because I'm pretty sure I'll run out of yarn. Maybe if I find something with sufficient yardage I can use it to do the edging on the bottom hem too, because this is gonna be another squeaker.

I've finished one of the pair of socks for my sister, and cast on for the second - I cast on as I waited in the returns section of Ikea today. I didn't wait very long, though, so I only managed to get the cast on and three rounds done before my number was called.

I've also cast on a pullover for my sister - working the bottom ribbing.

Plenty on the knitting docket.

So why can't I get this shawl pattern - Morrígan - off my mind? I haven't knit a shawl in a really long time because I sort of lost my shawl wearing mojo a while back - I have a few shawlettes that I suddenly couldn't wrap around my neck without seeing them as giant bibs, and that sort of neutralized my desire to make more. Maybe the period of abstinence has done the trick.

Either way, I'm envisioning Morrígan worked up in a slightly heavier yarn - sport weight - with a smaller discrepancy between needle size and yarn weight to yield a slightly more substantial piece. Honestly, when the idea struck I imagined cranking it out in time to wear to this year's office Christmas party, but that's in 6 days' time, and I'm not that delusional.

Still. It's taking a lot of willpower to not start winding the yarn.

And there's good reason for me to hold off on winding, because we're looking to move to our new-to-us, newly renovated house within the next month. That means a whole lot of packing is in my very near future. Which means unleashing more yarn is probably a bad idea.

Maybe I'll be able to hold off till after the move. Maybe I'll be able to dangle the promise of the new project as a reward for all the hard work that's going to come with moving. (Because really, moving sucks hard.)

I know. I'm not holding my breath either.

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