Friday, May 31, 2013

Here we go

This is it.

Tour de Sock 2013 starts tomorrow morning!

No, I still don't have my beads. But it's okay. I can think on my feet, so I rustled up some different yarn from the stash - some grey Knit Picks Stroll that I think looks quite nice with the silvery beads that I was able to pick up locally a couple of weeks ago. It's all wound up and ready to go, with a set of DPNs smashed into one of the cakes - or should I go stereotypically Canadian here and start calling them pucks?

My plan - if I can even really call it that - is to post here regularly during the Tour, but perhaps in a sort of wordless way. After all, time spent blogging could be time spent knitting, and my competitive side demands that I try my best to actually compete with an eye on the available prizes. (Not to the point of disrupting the lives of others around me, though.) I'm thinking what I might do is snap a quick picture of what I've got at the beginning of each day - when the light is somewhat decent, depending on the weather - and posting that. This will make for a nice little record for me when I eventually go back through my archives - because every once in a while, I do that - and also gives anyone who stops by here a bit of a peek into my progress. Actual posts about the finished socks will likely be put off until the Tour has ended, though I may do up k'done posts as I wait for the next stage to finish.

Because, you know, I'm never going to take it down to the wire. No way. Not me.

That snorting sound you hear? Yep, that's me. I can't even type that without snorking.

I'm quite excited for this whole thing to start. It's going to be an interesting time!

Speaking of interesting times - I've learned I'm going to be attending a wedding reception about midway through Stage 2. It's in Vancouver. I'm in Calgary. We're going to be driving out there and back. And I'm going to be the one behind the wheel. Hoo boy. Strategy: finish Socks Alpha before that trip. Can I do it?

Well, we'll see.

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