Monday, January 7, 2013


I finally picked out the woven in end of a hat that I made a while back but never blogged about because I don't like how it turned out, and pulled the thing apart. I now have this:

I actually rather like the look of previously knitted yarn. Don't get me wrong - the unknitted stuff is pretty great too. But something about that squiggliness is really appealing.

And yet, I do not like bouclé. Go fig.

In any event, that little pile of quirks and bends is going to get a thorough wetting tonight before I go to bed - I'll wind it around my knees to get something vaguely hank-like first - and then it'll rest to dry, and settle back into a smoother form, at which point I'll dig out the other remnants of the original skein and turn it into something else.

I'm thinking a cowl.

Because I seem to have cowl goggles on, and all the yarn I see before me is begging to be made up into cowls. In fact, I have a couple of grand cowly plans - one for me, and one for my sister.

I'm going to play the tease for now, though, and leave the details on those projects for later. I've got a pile of purple merino ramen that has a date with some cool water.

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