Thursday, August 23, 2012

A change of pace

I tend to knit mostly within the same colour palette - browns, reds, with occasional pinks and purples working their way in to the mix. This is because I like to knit myself sweaters, and I like to wear browns and reds - those colours work well for me, I think, and so yarns in that part of the spectrum tend to call out to me more, so I buy them more. This is all fine, because I like these colours.

Except I noticed recently that I wasn't super excited about my current sweater adventure, which is being worked up in a peachy brown colour. I'm still excited about having the end product in my wardrobe, and I'm enjoying the knitting process, but I don't feel the same can't-keep-my-hands-off-the-faboo-yarn that makes me pick projects up to add a few stitches whenever I have a few empty moments. Which means the sweater is proceeding rather slowly - I'm working towards the final waist decrease.

True, I didn't take it with me on vacation, so I lost two weeks on it there, but I've been home for nearly two weeks too, so there should be more than what I've got.

And it's not as though other knits are falling off the needles instead - since I've been home, I think I've worked about ten rounds total on socks that were started during the vacation, and I've cranked out a bulky cowl for my sister, which will get blocked and blogged next week.

Clearly, I'm not reaching for the needles much.

At first, I thought it might be gauge fatigue - maybe I was tired of skinny yarns after all the sock time I had on vacation, so I tried whiplashing to the other end of the spectrum with my sister's cowl. That didn't do it though - I'm still feeling sort of ambivalent about the cardigan.

Then it occurred to me that I might be a bit colour burnt out. Yes, I know I did up a green sweater earlier this year, but since then there's been a whole lot of brown and red on the needles, and I like those colours, but maybe I just need something new to look at?

Enter my sister. She likes brown too - in fact, the cowl I just knocked off for her is a taupe sort of colour - but she also has a fiery burning ardour for blues. Way, way different from my usual palette. Also, with the exception of the cowl, I last knit for her in May, I think.

So I rustled around in her yarn stash - yarn she's bought for me to knit up for her - and came up with this:

Definitely not brown or red. This is gonna be fun.

There you have it. A selfish reason to knit for someone else. Who knew?

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