Monday, September 12, 2011


Classes have started up - I'm back to work.

And discovering that my stamina has lapsed significantly over the course of my easy-going summer!

I'm relearning how to fit the things a person must do around my new work schedule - including prioritizing eating. The past few days have seen me 'forgetting' to eat my lunch - really what's going on is a failure in organization, so that I don't have a lunch with me at work and don't have time to go fetch one due to class scheduling. Today I didn't have lunch until I got back home again - a little after 4 PM. I'll be working on improving this, promise.

I'd love to be able to tell you that the whirlwind has extended into my knitting, but it totally hasn't. Sure, I started a new sweater for me about a week ago, and have made pretty decent progress along with that - it's Brompton, by Alice Bell, a top-down raglan cardigan, and I've done the yoke and split off the sleeves. I'm about to start my side shaping. My poor September SSP socks have been cast on, but that's really it. I managed to get half of the first round worked, and then I had to put them down, and I haven't picked them up again since. Meep. Plus I have a finished sweater that I haven't taken pictures of yet, so no finished blog post about it yet. That should happen this week, though.

I wore the sweater last week, for my first day of school, hee, and it was great inside, but outside it was sort of hot since it got almost up to 30 C here last Thursday and Friday, and really I was okay until I dropped my car off for a bit of repair work, and the guy suggested I go wait at the nearby Italian café, and they had no air conditioning, and poor air circulation, and boy was it hot in there. Since I was only wearing a camisole underneath, I kept the sweater on, but unbuttoned it, and I was mostly fine, but once the car was ready I had to run a few more errands, so more hot sun beating down on me through glass, and then when I got home the house was on the warm side, and that just sort of finished me off. The sweater came off the minute I got inside. So yeah, no pictures yet.

I'm totally on a sweater kick right now, though. I want more. MORE. I'm having trouble remembering what tops I used to wear to work, which has got me into an I-need-new-clothes mental scramble. While going shopping would probably be much more efficient, I'm chugging away on my current sweater whenever possible, and I've got two or three others lined up in my mental queue - my Ravelry queue is an unordered mess, it's really just my way of bookmarking things I like.

Things are going. I'm trying to keep up and not lose my sanity. Good times!

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