Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Today's view on the couch:

Although the sock and the sweater sort of look like they might be the same colour in that shot, they totally aren't. The sweater is in Dream in Color Classy, in Torchwood, and the sock is in Claudia Hand Painted Fingering, in Cabin Fever. Browns vs. purples and blue and gold. Very different if your iPhone camera isn't lying to you.

The sweater is for my sister, and this morning I took about half an hour to weave in all the ends, tack the ends of the sleeves into place - they were knit flat then knit on as I started the yoke - and attach those two flower-shaped wooden buttons. And lo - it is done. She can take it home tonight. I can move on to something else.

The sock is going to get wrapped up pretty soon too, since I'm going to be starting in on those toe decreases pretty soon. Of course, there's still the sock's mate to crank out. Plus the sweater for me upstairs.

So I guess stash diving and pattern matching is a bit premature at this point in time.

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