Friday, August 12, 2011

Get ready for it

Yesterday morning, I was entertaining ideas of a new sweater a bit more concretely, and so I went looking for the yarn I had in mind. I don't have a huge stash - though my Ravelry stash page has hit 70 - so it's not like this takes a large amount of time. I went to the stack of two boxes that brought me a couple of orders of sweater quantities from Elann last fall, and started rooting around in there a little.

Someone Else came down as I was rooting. Since the rooting is not part of my morning routine, he asked me what I was doing.

Oh, I replied, I'm just looking through my yarn to see what all's here. I wasn't sure if this bottom box was full or not, but I've added stuff to it, so it is.

As I stood there considering my yarn holdings, his next question came with a slightly amused tone.

Are you thinking of buying new yarn?

This question is a testament to just how well this man knows me, because under the new sweater enthusiasm lurked the knowledge that fall is practically here, which means that Elann will soon be having specials on the merino wool yarns that I favour, which means that sweater quantities of new lovelies are going to be finding a new home here with me.

No, I haven't knit up all the yarn I bought last year. Two batches are gone (one for me, one for my sister), another two are spoken for (both for me), but another three (two for me, one for my sister) remain after that.

Plus there's the two sweaters' worth in the box by my laptop. Plus the sweater's worth tucked in with the sock yarn upstairs.

Ahem. No, I don't think I have a problem. Just carry on, now.

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