Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where's my Focusyn?


On October 30, I fell ill with a flu. Not sure if it was the dreaded H1N1 or not, but I had a fever of about 102 F (roundabout 39 C) and was super tired and moving as though I was wading through molasses.

When a person feels that drained, knitting is no longer a comforting activity. It suddenly feels like a chore. Then again, getting up to go to the bathroom is also a chore, as is eating, so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. I was part way through a Shur'tugal sock when the flu hit. There were a couple of moments when I sort of half-heartedly tried to work on the sock, but the flu was having none of that - I actually got a bit woozy while trying to do the heel.

So when the flu left me about a week later, I picked up the sock again, but did not want to work on it - all those negative associations had come to actually be part of the sock.

So I knit a hat instead. A Grace Hat. I got it pretty well completely done in a couple of sessions - it's now off the needles, but it needs to be finished, then blocked - right now it sort of looks like a pine cone, so blocking is a must-do.

But I needed something for the plane ride to Vancouver on Friday. The sock in progress still didn't appeal. I cast on for a sweater - a Francis. But sweaters aren't exactly portable.

So I cast on for the second Shur'tugal sock.

I now have four projects at various stages of completion, and two of them are identical.

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