Tuesday, October 6, 2009


On September 1, I cast on a sock. It was a Snicket Sock, worked up in Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 in Ruby Red. It was plane knitting, and I also worked on it as I sat in front of my laptop in my hotel room in Montreal, sometimes to take the edge off my work that had stalled out in front of me, sometimes while I had a TV show playing on the laptop to take a bit of the edge off the loneliness that was creeping into my consciousness - I'd watch and knit, and feel more like myself and less like a small girl who'd been dropped into a strange land that lacked the people, places, and things that made her world make sense.

On September 9, I cast off that sock, wove in the ends, and started in on its mate, on the plane ride back home. I got nearly all the way up the foot, in spite of the chatty guy on the first leg of the trip.

Since then, though, I've barely touched this sock. It's too bad - I really like the way the pattern and yarn go together, I'd love to be able to wear the suckers! But I never seem to want to sit down and finish them. I've gotten through the heel, and I'm about halfway up the leg - one more pattern repeat, then the ribbing at the top.

Life keeps getting in the way. I started working again - new term means new teaching contracts. Plus there's still an old project that I'm trying to wrap up.

Plus I had a cardigan I wanted to finish, so I could wear it to work. Plus fall came, which made me suddenly and desperately want a new hat.

Now, the cardigan's done - drying from the block-wash - as is the hat - also drying from a block-wash. So I can finish up this sock, right?

Wrong. Now I need a new scarf. And I can't stop thinking about my next sweater.

Okay! Enough foolishness! Time to buckle down! I mean, I really like this pattern, even though I've nearly finished two socks and I still don't have it memorized. I'm now able to figure out where I am quite quickly - this was a problem in the beginning - but I still make sure I've got the instructions close by.

I will have a new pair of socks very soon!

Maybe after I finish this stack of marking, though.

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