Monday, June 8, 2009

Speed must be the key

Whenever I'm trucking along on some project, and I start to worry about running short on yarn - I always worry, even though I don't think I've ever really run out of yarn before finishing to the point I had hoped to get to - for some reason, I feel compelled to finish as quickly as possible.

I try to speed up my knitting - which I don't think actually works, I knit as fast as I knit, which isn't that fast, but then again, if I really did knit quickly, I'd need a bigger yarn budget, which I don't have, so it's probably just as well that I knit at the speed I do, probably strikes a nice balance between having finished projects and spending boatloads of money on yarn.

I also try to devote more time to that project - either by finding more little moments in which to knit, like that 60 seconds while I'm swishing with antibacterial fluoride rinse after brushing at night, or by being less easily distracted by the alluring call of other projects on the needles, or by the small stash of sock yarn that I keep. It really is small - I only have yarn for five pairs of socks stashed right now. I don't stash other yarns either. Hence the name (Mostly) Stashless for the blog.

This need for speed makes no sense though. I know this. Knitting something faster is not going to make the yarn form more stitches, no matter how fast it may go, which as it turns out in my case is not very fast anyway. The length of my working yarn is finite, and is in no way correlated with the passage of time. I understand this.

And yet, when I start getting nervous about running short, I always think, Wheep, better start hustling!

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