Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No denying

I've been in a bit of sock panic lately. I walked holes through three pairs of socks - three! - within weeks of each other, and I've got five more pair that are getting ever closer to having holes. Given that I started with about eleven pair that I liked enough to wear regularly, which ends up being roughly once a week, losing those three took me down to eight, and losing the next five will take me down to three. I cannot get by with just three pairs of socks!

Since the panic set in in February or March, I think, I've managed to knit myself three pair. That helped to take some of the edge off, with summer and sandal weather looming ahead, and my panic is less.

Or, well. It was. Until I looked at my sock yarn stash - a small stash, really - and realized I have enough yarn left to knit myself six pair of socks. As I type this, really, that seems totally fine. But yesterday? Plunged back into panic mode.

So I placed an order at Eat.Sleep.Knit. today for more.

Now, I should be good for a bit.

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