Friday, June 21, 2013

TdS 2013: round 3, day 2

Hm, this day sort of got away from me. Here's yesterday's progress:

Pretty pitiful, because the flipping intarsia panel heel flap took me for-freaking-EVER. While I was there, I snapped the required shot of the wrong side, showing all umpteen ends that need to be secured, and then I also took a few minutes 30 - 45 minutes to go through and secure them all. I figured it'd be a pain and a half to do it later. I didn't go through and secure all my other colourwork ends from the mosaic and stranded portions, but those won't be too bad to deal with later. A few of them I wove in as I worked.

I just have to do it all one more time. For sock #2 of the pair.


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