Friday, May 17, 2013


I'm thinking about doing the Tour de Sock (Rav group link) this year.

I've never done this before - never even really done this sort of thing before. I thought about it briefly last year, but ended up deciding against it, and, to be honest, never really gave it another thought.

Today, though, I got an email from Blue Moon Fiber Arts announcing that they are one of the Tour's sponsors. And I remembered being interested last year, and so I've been poking around the available pages today.

And I am intrigued.

Two of the patterns require beads, and I've been a bit curious about knitting with beads lately.

I'm also curious as to whether I can keep up with the pace of the Tour - the first stage is effectively nine days. Can I actually churn out a pair of socks in nine days?

I'll have to have a bit more of a think.

But right now? I'm leaning towards jumping in.

In fact, I'm mentally sorting through my stash picking out supplies.

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