Thursday, May 9, 2013

Go go go

Tomorrow is my sister's 31st birthday.

I've got a gift planned out and sorted for her, so there's no real panic about being ready for it. Yet I feel this sense of urgency. That's because of this:

Here we have the socks that I started for her last fall, where the first one ended up needing a complete rip and re-knit because of sizing issues. I fixed the problems by juggling around needle sizes to play with gauge on the leg, and then once I'd had her try on the new and improved sock - the complete one in that picture - I pulled apart the original bad one and started the in-progress one you see in that pic.

Now, these socks are not part of her gift - that was never the idea, she paid for the yarn.

But, you see, I have a dream.

It seems a bit oddly grandiose to use the term dream when talking about knitting plans. Still, I got it into my head that when I hand over my sister's gift tomorrow, in addition to the actual gift, there would be a couple of other things in there for her. Things that aren't really part of her gift, since she knows about them, and gifts should be a surprise, and what kind of surprise would that be? No, just things that were promised to her relatively recently, just to sweeten the overall birthday experience.

So I want to finish that there sock by tomorrow late afternoon. As you can see from the photo - or maybe not - I had just completed the heel turn before setting it aside last night. Since taking the photo, I've picked up for the gussets and gone back to working in the round, putting in the gusset decreases as I go.

The big question is, can I make it?

I can't just sit and crank on the sock - I need to wash up kitchen detritus today, and there's also the matter of some career-related work that I should do. That, however, is a bit of good news in this department - yesterday I started a complete read-through of my thesis, as a necessary step in preparing a portion of it for publication as an academic paper. I didn't get very far yesterday, but today I'm hoping to make a significant dent in it, if not finish the whole thing. (I know. Let me enjoy this optimism for now.)

That means that this afternoon will be spent curled up in the comfy chair, reading the thesis on my tablet.

And I can totally knit while I do that.

Maybe these socks will be done in time?

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