Sunday, November 13, 2011


I realized yesterday that I haven't wound up a cake of yarn in rather a long time. My September SSP socks are still sort of stalled out, so there's been no sock yarn winding going on. When I started my current sweater, I went on a blitz and wound up everything I had for it, so I haven't been winding that either. My sister's mawata mittens required no winding, and my most recent handwarmers were made using leftovers from another project, so they were all wound and ready to go. I made a hat for Someone Else, and I wound up some yarn for a shawlette for my sister, but that was probably at least a month ago - the hat's done, and the shawlette is nearly done.

I noticed this because I actually found I missed winding yarn.

So I remedied the situation.

This handsome cake is destined for a little self-challenge that I shall be detailing more soon. Once this other thing for my sister is done, and maybe once I've wrapped up one of my current sweaters. It's gonna be fun.

I'm ready. Boo yah.

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