Monday, September 28, 2009


I've been telling myself that I shall not cast on something new until I finish up an existing project. Not that I have tons of things in various stages of completion kicking about - there's really just two. One's a sock, the second sock in a pair of Snicket Socks. The other's a cardigan - the Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties. I need to do a couple of pattern repeats for the leg of the sock, then some ribbing, and then bind off. For the cardigan, I've got the body and sleeves done, I'm just working the i-cord edging. This is why I've imposed this limit on starting something else - these are both so close to being done, and then I'd have usable items!

I was almost done with the i-cord edging on the cardi too, but as I was travelling down the left front with it last night, I started wondering about the collar. It seemed to be curling more than I would expect it to. Granted, this is the first time I've done applied i-cord, so what do I know, but just looking at the curl-taming effect the edging had on the right front, and seeing the absence of that effect on the collar, started to make my brain twitch. So I took a closer look. It looked like the fabric was being stretched apart a bit where the i-cord attached. In my worry about not picking up enough stitches and causing puckering, I seem to have picked up too many instead, causing the edge to fan out and then curl on itself.

This means that tonight, I'll be ripping back from nearly the end of the left front - I think I have about four inches left to go - all the way to the front of the right shoulder, and try it again. Gah.

That hat I've been putting off is looking seriously tempting, especially since the weather forecast is calling for some snow this coming weekend.

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