Friday, June 19, 2009


I've been anxiously waiting for my biggish fix batch of sock yarn to arrive.

I've also been waiting for the digital scale that I ordered to come in. I've been making do with eyeballing the yarn cake as it winds up to determine where I should divide the skein for the two socks, but the crazy obsessed person perfectionist in me wants those two halves to really be equal, so I decided to take the plunge and get me a scale. It also helped that the scale was less than $20 USD.

Working on a sock is taking some of the edge off all this waiting, but I'm also getting worried that I might finish this sock before the scale comes, and I don't want to wind any more yarn until I have it. I also want to play with the new yarn! I really hope I like it - I kind of went a bit bonkers and bought something like five skeins. I think it was five. My memory is sort of fuzzy on that.

Good thing I cast on for a cardigan the other day. If my goodies don't arrive today, that means they won't show up till Monday at the earliest. The sweater and I will be enjoying some quality time in that case.

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